The Fresh Approach Podcast: Skills & strategies to live your healthiest & happiest life!

The Fresh Approach Podcast: Skills & strategies to live your healthiest & happiest life!

Shining a light on essential healthy living practices...nutrition, sleep, fitness, hydration, mental health, vitamins, medical follow-up...And cultivating practical skills to help you get over those BUMPS IN THE ROAD of life, so NOTHING gets in the way of you taking the BEST care of yourself!

What began as a fresh way to live your best life with weight loss surgery, The Fresh Approach Podcast welcomes everyone who wants to develop healthy lifelong practices to live their best life!

Hosted by Mary Clark, 18-year WLS educator & 8-year WLS patient, who realized the tools she was teaching clients & patients weren't exclusive to WLS, but applied to everyone who wanted to stop searching for "quick tips & tricks" and instead wanted REAL & PRACTICAL tools for making heart & mindset shifts for this lifelong journey of health...physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Mary is a mom to five and "Gigi" her grandma name, to three.

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    This is BULL-SH...Baloney AND the 1000+ calories EXIT Strategy Part 2!

    First, I've gotta speak about this BULL-SH...baloney, because there is NO WAY I will let you think you deserve this kind of message - I don't care who it's from. NO WAY. I want you to see it for the BALONEY it is, and leave it out of your life. Plus, I'm taking you back into another scene from my life when I used the Burrito Exit Strategy and HOW I once again avoided pulling into the drive-thru! And, a little more about me. So let's get started...

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    When you're NOT where you WANT to be on your WLS journey.

    In this episode, we're tackling what could be GETTING IN THE WAY of you achieving your goals. And this isn't me calling you out and saying it's because you don't have enough willpower, self-discipline, blah, blah, blah. Actually, we're going COMPLETELY in the other direction. So let's get started.

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    If you're COMPARING your WLS journey to other WLS patients...

    In this episode, we’re talking about the slippery slope of comparison, and how a seemingly 'general interest' in checking how you’re doing compared to other weight loss surgery patients with similar stats - can turn into a downward spiral of comparison shame...and NOBODY needs that! Let's get started!

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    HOW to SHOW UP for yourself...and why we need you to.

    In this episode, we're talking about what it means to SHOW UP for yourself + HOW to do it every day + stories from 4 women who are SHOWING UP and what that's meant in their lives! We need YOU to SHOW let's get started!

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    The February Fresh Start! AHHHHHMAZING by April!

    February is FRESH START month! But this year we're doing it a new way. Imagine it’s APRIL and you’re feeling AHHHHHMAZING about the progress you’ve made in your WLS journey! Sounds good, right? Well...let's get started with this SPECIAL EDITION of the Fresh Approach Podcast!

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    WHY you need to make peace with your pre-surgery self IF you want long-term WLS success.

    This is one of those "me getting real honest with you about my life" episodes...a few tears were shed during this recording. But THIS is so often the missing link to long-term weight loss surgery success. What I hear too often is, "I can't stand who I was before I had surgery...I was a loser...I was a failure...I had no self-discipline or self-control..." If you don't get clear on who you were and WHY, pre-surgery, and make peace with'll be at odds with yourself and your weight loss surgery journey until you do.

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    SENSATIONAL Success Strategies for 2019!

    Oh My Goodness!!! So much GOOOOD stuff in this "Happy New Year" episode! We're talking about "sabotaging" your nutrition by snacking and grazing at night, getting back on track, sticking to your plan, getting SUPER clear on your "WHY", and HOW to maintain your weight once the "honeymoon" is over! Let's get started!

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    Holiday fears? How to make your WLS plans sweet, simple & sustainable!

    In this episode, from my recent Facebook LIVE, we're talking about handling holiday fears, WHY some WLS friends told me they weren’t ready for accountability, HOW to keep your WLS holiday plans sweet, simple & sustainable...AND what I think about the pouch reset! So let's get started!

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    Get your WLS "mojo" back with a BLAST from the PAST!

    Remember those early days after surgery when you weren't having thoughts like..."I’ve gained 35 pounds and I feel like my tool isn’t working anymore! I’m stuck because I struggle with motivation! I'm just trying to get my head back in the game! I've regained 35 pounds and I'm fighting to get it back off!" No, you weren't thinking those thoughts then - because those were the days of confidence, empowerment, control, excitement, and anticipation! But NEVER FEAR! Because we're going to take a step back in time and find your missing weight loss surgery MOJO! Come's time to go!

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